All-new Electric Stacker Truck

All-new Electric Stacker Truck


Hamburg: With the ERC 216zi, Jungheinrich presents an all-new electric stacker truck. One year after the company launched the first forklift truck with a fully integrated lithium-ion battery, the ETV 216i reach truck, Jungheinrich is now extending this concept to the ERC 216zi. Thanks to the fixed lithium-ion battery, the forklift truck is particularly compact and agile. Instead of the battery tray behind the mast that was previously standard on these types of forklift truck, the energy storage unit of the ERC 216zi is installed centrally in the truck. With an L2 dimension of 1245 mm, the ERC 216zi is at least 170 mm shorter than comparable vehicles and by far the most compact electric stacker truck on the market.

Jungheinrich Board Member for Marketing and Sales Christian Erlach explains: “Sometimes you have to take a completely different approach and that is exactly what we have done with the ERC 216zi. The built-in lithium-ion battery creates a revolutionary vehicle design. The ERC 216zi is ultra-compact and extremely agile. It is the perfect truck in narrow warehouse environments where our customers still want to reach impressive heights”.

Maximum performance

The fixed lithium-ion battery in the ERC 216zi creates a completely new truck design. Jungheinrich has succeeded in significantly improving the agility of the ERC216i. Thanks to its compactness, the ERC 216zi sets a new benchmark in manoeuvrability. The new mast with FG profiles provides the ERC 216zi with a higher residual capacity of at least 100 kg. The new mast entry cushioning also ensures sleek mast transitions.

Increased comfort for the operator

During the development of the ERC 216zi, Jungheinrich paid special attention to the ergonomics of the vehicle. A fixed platform provides the operator with support and comfort. This is particularly important for the operator during longer operating periods. The controls are arranged to allow intuitive control of the forklift truck. The completely redesigned smartPILOT electric tiller steering enables precise and easy steering with one hand. A 4-inch display in the dashboard improves visual clarity. The new storage system also allows the operator to customise his workstation.

Protection on all fronts

The ERC also sets new standards in safety. In accordance with DIN ISO 6055, the overhead guard protects against falling objects. The fixed platform with its solid side panels also offers the operator complete all-round protection from three sides. The operationCONTROL assistance system prevents the residual capacity of the truck from being exceeded. Visual and audible warning signals indicate to the operator if the permissible residual capacity has been exceeded. The positionCONTROL system allows quick and easy stacking at predefined storage heights. As a result, even less experienced employees can quickly and safely store and retrieve goods.