Digital Camera System

Digital Camera System


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we’re all experiencing turbulent times, you’ve probably noticed more shoppers have turned online to find the goods they need and, as a retailer, you’re doing your best to adapt to this new situation. As a result of this trend warehouses and staff have experienced a lot of pressure, along with a need to perform better, faster, and with no harm to your safety or mistakes which cost time, money or both!

Digital Camera Monitor displaying view of the fork

With a Digital Mid-Mast View Camera System, integrated to a forklift mast, you can achieve better safety in the warehouse and forklift operators can increase their performance by saving time and will benefit from improved ergonomics.

New Digital Camera Systems are designed to allow you to achieve the highest possible service levels, perform better, and speed up order handling and logistics in the warehouse.

Here’s how Your business can benefit by having a Digital Camera System integrated to your forklift mast.


The Digital Mid-Mast View Camera monitoring system was developed to save valuable time in distribution centres and warehouses. With the Mid-Mast View Camera the driver of a forklift can get a perfect view of the fork in high definition thus increase operator accuracy and productivity. Forklift operator can insert forks into the pallet openings right first time in one easy movement, which makes the working process quick and smooth, saving time and money.
The Camera System is all about health and safety – it will significantly decrease the chances of human injury and reduce collisions with product or racking as well as equipment wear or damage.

Integrated digital camera system will improve the ergonomics for the forklift driver. The monitor is ergonomically positioned which allows operator to adopt a natural viewing position, without having to look up all the time, this relieves strain on the shoulder and neck muscles. In addition, the camera provides a clear view of the fork in a high definition image.

Having mentioned the camera monitor provides a high-resolution and therefore razor-sharp image of the fork. The Digital Mid-Mast View Camera System uses GMSL technology which transmits the video signal, displaying a compression free image with no delay to the monitor, this helps operators to get a live and crystal clear view of the fork and allows them to work more efficiently.

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