Environmentality. The race for zero emissions.

Environmentality. The race for zero emissions.

The race for zero emissions. Adopting a new state of mind – a new way of thinking.

In order to tackle global climate change ‘head-on’, ITS Forklifts supported by Jungheinrich have devised a whole new approach and a way of thinking that we call Environmentality.

Environmentality is an awareness of the environmental issues facing mankind and a sense of responsibility to the natural world, and this will be an integral part of the how we do business both now and far into the future.

The NZ Government has committed to reaching net zero emissions of long-lived greenhouse gases by 2050 and reducing biogenic methane emissions between 24-47% by 2050.

The phasing out and banning of new internal combustion engine powered road vehicles along with an increase in energy generation from renewable sources will be key to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and limiting global warming. The logistics sector needs to change its thinking and become more efficient and sustainable in every way possible.

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Stop and think. Just how green is your fleet?

Have you ever thought about the level of emissions that your current fleet of trucks produces? We’ve developed a simple online tool, our Carbon Calculator, which will estimate the current level of emissions you are experiencing and show you what the alternative would be if converting to Lithium-ion power. Whether your trucks run on diesel, gas or lead-acid batteries, tell us and we’ll work it out – you may be surprised!

Jungheinrich. Leading Lithium-ion technology.

As the first manufacturer to introduce Li-ion into the market over ten years ago, Jungheinrich are at the forefront of this technology, continually developing new products to help you become more efficient and sustainable.


Electric advantages

Jungheinrich have been developing market leading electric forklift trucks for years and recent significant developments in the Counterbalance truck sector means we can provide you with a clean and efficient alternative to the traditional IC truck which can perform equally as well, even in harsh outdoor environments.

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Talk to us about how we can replace your current trucks or fleet of trucks with our latest state-of-the-art Li-ion powered truck range.

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