Flexi 1200/1250


Flexi 1200/1250 Narrow Aisle forklift truck in action
  • Proven reliable platform common components across the range
  • 220° over rotation
  • Heavy-duty clear vision lift mast as standard
  • HiViS overhead guard as standard
  • Lift heights up to 10.5 metres for safe stacking
  • Large elastic rubber tyre’s all-round non-marking options.
  • Easy cassette battery changing, roll out option
  • No components under battery
  • Front-wheel drive for smooth, precise accurate stacking. ‘Push Back’ – two-deep compatible
  • Two chassis widths – 1200mm and 1250mm for maximum safe travel clearance in aisle
  • AC digital brushless power steering motor for low energy usage and safe operation. No ‘kick back’

Flexi AC 1200 works in just 1.65m (EURO) or 1.8m / 2.0m (ISO) aisles to BITA GN9 (FEM) standards.

Designed to bring Flexi articulated space-saving and handling efficiency to users of all pallet and load types.

True radius 1200mm wide chassis and “Artic” over-rotate feature allow safe turning, fast pallet put away, vehicle loading in yards or off docks.

Lift masts are standard triplex full free lift, to suit most operating conditions including low doors and pallet rack bridge bays.

Flexi 1200/1250 Narrow Aisle forklift truck in action
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