Forklift Safety

A warehouse is not a playground. But it should be just as safe.

Here, at ITS Forklifts we offer safety solutions – the forklifts that provide protection for people, goods, and all the equipment and machines in your warehouse.

1. Protecting people in your warehouse is the number one priority.

We offer a range of forklifts that will provide optimum protection for your employees against warehouse accidents including vehicle collisions.

Pedestrian recognition by Jungheinrich
Pedestrian recognition by Jungheinrich

The reversing camera with pedestrian recognition is an intelligent operator assistance system designed to avoid collisions between people and forklift trucks. During reverse travel, the system scans the hazard area in the rear using stereo cameras. Therefore, it not only recognises obstacles, but can also differentiate between people and objects. As soon as a person is detected in the danger zone at the rear of the truck, the system sets off an optical and acoustic alarm. This way, the driver has enough time to react and, thus, everything under control.

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2. Protecting your valuable goods.

Protecting goods

Your stored goods are a valuable asset. Different assistance systems help you to protect them properly, while saving both time and costs. This means you not only protect your goods and your employees, but also your warehouse productivity and ability to deliver.

Jungheinrich curveCONTROL. Well-protected at every turn.

The optional curveCONTROL automatically adjusts the truck speed when cornering, depending on load and steering angle: the heavier the load, the slower the truck‘s cornering speed. This significantly decreases the risk of overturning or slipping, while enhancing warehouse safety for your employees and trucks as well as your goods.

Find out more information on Jungheinrich products for protecting goods:

Protecting Goods

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3. Protecting machines.


The long-term availability and top performance of your vehicles requires regular maintenance and repairs. Preventing accidents and damages also plays an important part in prrotecting your machines. Our numerous assistance systems and services support you in keeping your warehouse operations safe.

Shock sensor. Preventing impact damages.

The Jungheinrich shock sensor records the reaction of the vehicle to shocks due to accidents while preventing further damages by analysing the collected data. The sensor module reacts to impacts and sets off an acoustic and visual warning. The truck automatically shuts down and can be reactivated using the transponder key or control unit. The shock sensor can easily be retrofitted in Jungheinrich vehicles at low cost.

Even so, the forklifts are designed to take care of your safety it is highly important to to get your forklift operators properly trained and licensed make sure they are qualified to operate a forklift.