Forklifts Delivery


Great start of the new 2020 year! We have delivered the fleet of new Jungheinrich trucks at CottonOn Group NZ including one EFG 320n counterbalance truck and twelve ETV 114n reach trucks.

Along with a charging room that has been set up practical, compliant and safe, ITS Team ensured operations managers are familiar with electric forklift trucks. 

“Before forklifts are getting delivered to a customer we make considerations to ensure they have a dedicated battery charging area. Also, a battery charging area needs to be fitted with the necessary safety features to meet forklift charging station power requirements.”
Antoni Seegers
ITS Service Manager
Jungheinrich Reach truck ETV 216i

The Jungheinrich ETV 216i Reach Truck.

The latest innovation using our lithium-ion technology: the Jungheinrich ETV 216i.

The agile and innovative ETV 216i reach truck is the ideal partner for effective and safe stacking operations as well as the provision of pallets for order picking. 

Not only will the integrated lithium-ion power significantly improve your warehouse performance it also makes room for a truly revolutionary vehicle design. The much larger driver workplace ensures ideal ergonomic working conditions. Meanwhile, the perfect all-round visibility offered by the ETV 216i guarantees maximum safety at all times. Moreover, its compact design and top lift speed make it even more agile moving through narrow aisles than any other reach truck.

Jungheinrich EFG 320 electric forklift truck

The Jungheinrich Series 3 Electric Forklift Trucks with capacities of up to 2000 kg offer the ideal combination of stability and manoeuvrability. The high-pivot steering axle distributes the weight evenly across all four wheels and also absorbs rough road bumps. Thus, you benefit from maximum stability and driving safety indoors as well as outdoors – also on uneven ground.

Jungheinrich EFG Series 3 Electric Four-Wheel Forklifts combine optimum energy and cost-efficiency with maximum performance.