Jungheinrich Explosion Proof Forklift

Jungheinrich Explosion Proof Forklift


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When one spark is all it takes. Jungheinrich explosion proof forklift will keep you safe.

Reliable explosion protected forklifts for operations in hazardous areas are mandatory when it comes to ensuring safe and fast material flow in explosive surroundings. Jungheinrich manufacture explosion proof electric forklift trucks and stackers that meet the highest safety and performance standards. With an explosion proof forklift, you efficiently reduce the risk of accidents and create maximum safety when working.

Your EX forklift truck – navigates you safely out of the danger zone.

Are you aware of your risks? Whether in the chemical, pharmaceutical, paper or food industry, highly dangerous explosive gases, vapours and dusts are often formed during the production, storage and transport of flammable substances. To meet these special requirements for forklift trucks in hazardous areas, we offer special explosion proof trucks as an experienced explosion proof forklift manufacturer. Pick your EX forklift truck to ensure maximum explosion protection and contribute efficiently to the prevention of accidents.

Working without risk in explosive environments.

Are you already driving on the safe side? Even if explosive substances alone do not pose a risk, the use of electric and IC engine forklift trucks with sparking components often involves potential sources of ignition that can become really dangerous. We reliably eliminate these sources of danger with our explosion protected forklifts and offer certified explosion proof trucks for all risk classes.

Your explosion proof forklift for maximum safety.

Are you looking for a secure EX forklift truck? Based on our current model series and our experience as an explosion proof forklift manufacturer, we develop special explosion proof forklifts for optimal protection. Whether temperature monitoring, conductive tyres, antistatic fabric covers or forks covered in stainless steel – every component is designed to eliminate the risk of explosion. In addition, our explosion protected forklifts offer the usual high standard in terms of economy, safety and ergonomics.

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