Jungheinrich Automated Guided Vehicle

high rack stacker

ETX 513a / 516a

Jungheinrich ETX high-rack stacker

Flexibility despite automation! By changing between manual, semi-automatic or automatic mode, you are equipped for every application. Incremental automation of the warehouse functions is therefore possible.

The proven Jungheinrich ETX high-rack stacker is used as the basic truck for the automation, enabling you to benefit from the many technical advantages offered by this truck type. Innovative technology creates the basis for cost-effective operation, with the focus on optimum stacking and retrieval which is a prerequisite for automation.



ModelLoad CapacityMaximum Lift (h3) Travel Speed Overall Length Battery Voltage
ETX 513 1.25 ton 13000 mm 10.5 km/h3492 mm 80 V
ETX 515 1.50 ton 15000 mm 10.5 km/h3780 mm 80 V
Jungheinrich ETX high-rack stacker
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