Jungheinrich EFG 1 Electric Forklift

EFG 110/113/115

Three-wheel truck, Jungheinrich EFG 110

Rear-wheel drive, compact design, high performance data and optimum ergonomically optimised working conditions – these are the strengths of Jungheinrich EFG 110k/110-115 electric three-wheel counterbalanced forklift trucks.

The design allows for high manoeuvrability, as well as fast manoeuvring in HGVs, wagons and containers. The ergonomic and performance-enhancing cockpit is characterised by a low entry height of only 520 mm. This guarantees easy and safe boarding.

Individual adjustment options for all operator sizes are possible thanks to the adjustable steering column and the 3-way adjustable comfort seat. At 2090 mm high, the comfort high roof offers plenty of headroom (container roof with a height of 1970 mm optional).

The hydraulic levers and soloPILOT (raising/lowering, direction change and horn in one lever) are comfortably situated for the operator’s hands. EFG 1 Electric Forklift has excellent all-round visibility which increases safety.

The comfort display is configured for viewing when looking in the direction of the forks. All service-relevant data is stored. Clear text displays provide information about operating hours as well as the battery charge (including lift cut-out).

With low steering/lever positioning forces, the power generated by the 3-phase AC motor, summarised as per IP 54, is easily adjusted. Dynamic, smooth acceleration is optimally supported by the conventional accelerator/brake pedal configuration. The Jungheinrich series 1 electric three-wheel counterbalanced forklift truck is convincing both indoors and outdoors.

Three-wheel truck, Jungheinrich EFG 110


ModelLoad CapacityMaximum Lift (h3)Travel Speed Overall Length Battery Voltage
EFG 110 1.00 ton5500 mm 12.5 km/h2773 mm24 V
EFG 110k 1.00 ton6000 mm 12.5 km/h2719 mm24 V
EFG 113 1.25 ton 6500 mm 12.5 km/h2881 mm24 V
EFG 115 1.50 ton 6500 mm 12.5 km/h2935 mm 24 V
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