ECE 220/225

ECE 225_low level order picker

Jungheinrich ECE 220/225 Order Pickers combines maximum picking performance with optimum energy efficiency and first-class operator comfort. Various options packages and the load/steer angle-dependent curveCONTROL assistance system (optional), fully exploit the strengths of the ECE 220/225. These low level order pickers facilitate dynamic acceleration, safe cornering and a high maximum speed, while simultaneously ensuring the best possible energy utilisation.

The central operator position with its patented jetPILOT multifunctional steering wheel enables intuitive and convenient operation as in a car. Comfortable order picking is guaranteed by the easy accessibility of all controls and accessory parts. Due to the comfort features already included in the standard models and the comprehensive options catalogue, the ECE can be adapted to all applications as required.

Jungheinrich has developed the easyPILOT for semi-automatic control of the ECE to optimise picking processes with maximum performance requirements. In order to meet individual warehouse requirements, 2 different operating modes are available:

  1. easyPILOT Control (with the Control Bar and Control Band control elements)
  2. easyPILOT Follow (truck automatically follows the operator)

The easyPILOT allows operators to move the truck to the next picking location without having to climb aboard and drive themselves. This not only saves unnecessary walking but also increases the picking performance significantly, particularly over short distances. Efficiency is further enhanced by driveNAVIGATION, the optional WMS connection for our ECE with easyPILOT Control.

In addition to impressive speed and acceleration values, along with the best energy consumption values on the market, the ECE 220/225 order pickers offer the best prerequisites for active productivity improvement in your warehouse thanks to the comprehensive options catalogue, particularly in combination with easyPILOT.

ECE 225_low level order picker


ModelLoad CapacityMaximum Lift (h3)Travel SpeedOverall LengthBattery Voltage
ECE 2202.00 ton125 mm 12.5 km/h 2420 mm 24 V
ECE 2252.50 ton 125 mm 12.5 km/h 3670 mm 24 V
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