Jungheinrich Low level Order Picker

ECD 320

Jungheinrich ECD 320 Order Picker 2 ton

The Jungheinrich Low Level Order Picker ECD 320 combines maximum picking performance with optimum energy efficiency and first-class operator comfort. The basis for this is the combination of high technical performance with a number of ergonomic advantages.

Various options packages and the load/steer angle-dependent Curve Control assistance system, fully exploit the strengths of the Order Picker ECD 320: Dynamic acceleration, safe cornering and high maximum speed all with the best possible energy utilisation.

The Jungheinrich ECD 320 also offers the advantages of a perfect workstation for comfortable picking. The central operator position not only has optimum all-round visibility but also easy accessibility of all controls and accessory parts.

There are also ergonomic advantages for the operator/machine/load interface: The immediate proximity of the operator to the load and the stand-on platform is key to safe and efficient order picking.  ECD 320 Order Picker combines double-length forks for the transportation of two pallets (2,000 kg) with the mast lift for one pallet (1,000 kg). After the ergonomically correct picking of the first pallet in the mast lift, this is now positioned on the longer initial lift forks. The picking process can then continue immediately with the second pallet. This reduces the number of journeys to Goods Outward.

The Jungheinrich jetPILOT multifunctional steering wheel also features:

  • Intuitive and comfortable operation, similar to a car, plus a safe and secure grip.
  • Reduced strain on neck and spinal column when cornering.
  • One-handed operation and automatic return of the steering wheel to straight line travel.
  • Adjustable to individual body size.

The comfort features installed on standard models and the comprehensive options, guarantee appropriate adaptability for all applications.

Jungheinrich ECD 320 Order Picker 2 ton


ModelLoad CapacityTravel speedMaximum Lift (h3)
ECD 3202.00 ton12.5 km/h700 mm
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