Jungheinrich medium and high level Order Picker

EKS 110

Jungheinrich Order Picker EKS 110

The Jungheinrich Order Picker EKS 110 is the ideal truck for order picking processes from the first to the third racking levels. With a maximum platform height of 3 m, order picking heights of up to 4.6 m can be reached.

The cantilevered design enables both open and closed pallets to be picked up. Options available for the load section are fixed forks (can also be walked on with a guard (L)) or auxiliary lift (Z) for the ergonomic depositing of picked items.

The 3.2-kW drive system facilitates travel speeds of up to 14 km/h. The acceleration values are also optimised to contribute towards efficient order picking. Various options packages and the load/steer angle-dependent curveCONTROL assistance system, fully exploit the strengths of the EKS 110: dynamic acceleration, safe cornering and high maximum speed, all the while ensuring best possible energy utilisation.

The Jungheinrich Order Picker EKS 110 workstation is designed to make work easier:

  • Optimum freedom of movement when entering and exiting as well as travelling and order picking.
  • Intuitive and ergonomic arrangement of all controls.
  • The 4-inch display provides information on the battery discharge status, number of operating hours, travel speed and error codes and also offers the option of selecting from three travel programs via softkey.


ModelLoad CapacityMaximum Lift (h3)
EKS 110 1.00 ton2800 mm
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