Jungheinrich Electric Pedestrian Pallet Truck

EJE 116/118/120

EJE 116 Jungheinrich Electric Pedestrian Pallet Trucks

The Jungheinrich EJE Series 1 electric pedestrian pallet truck represent a particularly efficient means of loading and unloading HGVs as well as transporting pallets over short distances. Due to its short front end dimension (L2) of just 486 mm (short version), the EJE pedestrian pallet truck can be manoeuvred in very restricted spaces. A number of entry aids guarantee smooth handling of a wide variety of load carriers.

The 3-phase AC drive motor with optimised efficiency ensures high speed and powerful acceleration. This facilitates fast and efficient throughput of goods.

Batteries up to 375 Ah in combination with excellent energy management ensure long operating times. Operations beyond one shift enabled by the quick, lateral battery exchange (optional from EJE 116).


  • High efficiency levels with excellent energy management.
  • Fast acceleration.
  • Quick change of direction without delay.
  • 2-year warranty on driving motor.
  • Energy saving 3-phase AC technology in combination with battery capacities of up to 375 Ah allow for particularly long operating times.
  • Multi-shift operation with the optional lateral battery exchange.
  • High availability thanks to extremely short charging times.
  • No battery exchange required.
  • Saving costs due to longer service life and zero maintenance as compared to lead-acid batteries.
  • No charging rooms and ventilation required as there is no build-up of gas.
  • Sprung and cushioned support wheels linked via the ProTracLink torsion bar distribute stabilising forces dependent on travel conditions.
  • Evenly over all wheels during straight-line travel.
  • Concentrated on the outer support wheel when cornering.
  • Forks with fork tips tilted by 3° ensure smooth entry into closed pallets.
  • A large number of entry and exit aids makes pallet handling even easier. Moreover, all forks have a mark for receiving transverse pallets. This minimises pallet damage.
  • Maintenance-free 3-phase AC drive motor without carbon brushes.
  • Easy access to all components through one-piece front cover secured by only two screws.
  • Excellent protection against dust and humidity through enclosure of controller and plugs in accordance with IP 54.
  • ProTracLink: Level equalisation ensures reduced support wheel wear when approaching ramps at an angle.

All the advantages at a glance


ModelLoad CapacityMaximum Lift (h3)Travel SpeedOverall Length Battery Voltage
EJE 116 1.60 ton 122 mm 6 km/h 1636 mm 24 V
EJE 118 1.80 ton 122 mm 6 km/h 1636 mm 24 V
EJE 120 2.00 ton 122 mm 6 km/h 1636 mm 24 V
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