Jungheinrich Stand up Reach Trucks

ETR 340/345/335d

ETR-3 Jungheinrich reach trucks

Unlike sit-on moving mast reach trucks, the Jungheinrich pantograph reach truck moves only the forks forward and backwards with a pantograph attachment. The mast is permanently fixed to the chassis and doesn’t move. This enables to use a large selection of load wheels and different baselegs, with 17 widths to choose from.


  • Maximum lift speeds of 0.84 m/s – with proportional control
  • Optimum set up of all drive components for maximum productivity and efficiency
  • No reduction in the basic load capacity of 1,600 kg, whilst double deep stacking to lift heights up to 10 m
  • Improved stability and consistent driving characteristics thanks to the ProTrac suspension system
  • Intuitive operation with the MULTI-PILOT joystick


ModelLoad CapacityLift height (max.)Travel speedAisle width (pallet 800×1200 length)Lift speed unladen
ETR 340 1.80 ton 9.220 mm12.9 km/h2.892 mm
0.84 m/s
ETR 345 2.00 ton 11.354 mm12.9 km/h2.892 mm0.84 m/s
ETR 335d 1.60 ton 11.354 mm12.9 km/h3.060 mm0.84 m/s

The load capacity of the ETR 335d refers to double deep stacking with two pallets positioned one behind the other.

ETR-3 Jungheinrich reach trucks
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