Jungheinrich Electric Pallet Stacker

ERC 214i-216i

Jungheinrich electric pallet stacker ERC-2i
The electric pallet stacker with concentrated power.
Powerful performance in a small space – with integrated lithium-ion battery.

The powerful ERC i electric pallet stacker is equipped with integrated lithium-ion technology as standard – for a revolutionary, extremely compact truck design. This manoeuvrable electric pallet stacker is versatile and designed for safe stacking and retrieval at high heights of up to 6 metres. It can transport goods over medium to long distances and is suitable for order picking. Efficiency is maximised by high travel speeds, rapid acceleration and outstanding residual capacity. Stacking assistance systems ensure simple, safe load handling. Perfect ergonomics are ensured by the stable, cushioned stand-on platform and the smartPILOT with automatic centring, which enables one-handed truck control. Thanks to good visibility through the mast and the panoramic windscreen (optional) in the overhead guard, the operator always has a great view during the stacking process. Available with many options and additional features.


  • Efficiency options package (standard) or drivePLUS for top speeds of 12 km/h (optional).
  • Simple, intuitive operation.
  • Extensive support for stacking and retrieval.
  • Outstanding stability, fast lifting and lowering as well as excellent visibility through the mast.
  • Exceptional residual capacity at high heights.
  • Smooth mast transition thanks to hydraulic mast entry cushioning.
  • Adjustment of the travel speed depending on the load and direction of travel.
  • New warning concept consisting of three components: Visual (display), auditory (sound signal) and tactile (vibration in the tiller handle) in the event of overload.
  • 3-sided protection for maximum safety of the operator.
  • Comfortable lateral standing and driving position for improved ergonomics.
  • Platform suspension is individually adjustable to the weight of the operator, ensuring joint and back-friendly travel (optional).
  • Foot protection laser (optional): Automatic reduction of the travel speed when feet overhang the contours of the platform.
  • Generous storage compartments and storage opportunities on the options bracket or overhead guard.
  • Attachment of brackets for additional equipment.
  • Low platform height and generous entry width for easy access.


ModelLoad CapacityMaximum Lift (h3)Travel speed
ERC 214i1.40 ton6000 mm12 km/h
ERC 216i1.60 ton6000 mm12 km/h
Jungheinrich electric pallet stacker ERC-2i
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Lithium-ion technology from Jungheinrich

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