Jungheinrich Pedestrian Stacker

EJC 212/214/216/220

EJC 212 Jungheinrich Pedestrian Stacker

The Jungheinrich EJC pedestrian stackers are designed for demanding applications. The trucks offer high lift heights up to 6000 mm, residual capacities as well as long operating times. The powerful 3-phase AC drive motor combined with the controller developed by Jungheinrich, guarantees high performance with simultaneously very low energy consumption. This ensures high throughput.

The trucks also feature an outstanding level of user friendliness:

  • Precise and sensitive lifting by electronically controlled lift motor which makes it easier, in particular, to stack large loads in narrow racking.
  • Gentle depositing of the load on the floor or in the racking with proportional hydraulics.
  • Especially low noise levels whilst lifting slowly reduce operator fatigue.
  • liftPLUS (optional) enables the EJC 214/216 to achieve a significantly higher lift speed when lifting the forks (up to 400 kg) in comparison with the production version.
  • Electric tiller steering (optional) provides low steering forces for fatigue-free steering – especially when driving with the tiller vertical (crawl speed mode).
  • Practical storage compartments put all the tools and equipment you may need, such as pens, knives or documents, within easy reach.

As well as user friendliness, the truck offers excellent safety features: The long safety tiller in conjunction with the enclosed truck contours and the low apron ensure high operator safety.

The Jungheinrich EJC draws its energy from batteries with capacities of up to 375 Ah. Rapid lateral battery exchange enables the truck to be used in multi-shift operations. A built-in charger (optional) allows the integrated battery to be easily and reliably charged at any mains socket.

The rapid and boost charging capability of the innovative lithium-ion batteries (optional) also facilitates flexible use in multi-shift operation. Costs are reduced due to maintenance-free operation and the longer service life.



ModelLoad CapacityMaximum Lift (h3)Travel Speed Overall Length Battery Voltage
EJC 212 1.20 ton 6000 mm 6 km/h 1887 mm 24 V
EJC 214 1.40 ton 6000 mm 6 km/h 1908 mm 24 V
EJC 216 1.60 ton 6000 mm 6 km/h 1908 mm 24 V
EJC 220 2.00 ton 6000 mm 6 km/h 1988 mm 24 V
EJC 212 Jungheinrich Pedestrian Stacker
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