Jungheinrich electric pedestrian controlled trucks

EMD 115i/118

EMD 115i/118 electric pedestrian controlled trucks

Due to their short front-end length combined with an integrated support arm lift, the Jungheinrich EMD 115i/118 electric pedestrian controlled trucks offer a wide array of options for almost any application.

The Jungheinrich EMD 118 enables problem-free lifting of picked goods weighing up to 800 kg to a comfortable reach height, as well as light stacking operations up to 1520 mm. With its very short front-end length of just 628 mm, the Jungheinrich EMD 118 is not just versatile and compact, but also ideal for use in shops, in very tight storage areas or on an HGV.

The Jungheinrich EMD 115i impresses with its advanced lithium-ion technology in the form of a battery case weighing just 17 kg. In addition to rapid and boost charging, the truck’s principal advantage is its noticeably smaller battery compartment. In combination with the front end (l2) this helps to reduce the overall weight of the fork lift truck considerably. The fork lift truck can be used in the narrowest of spaces and in weight-sensitive areas and is ideally suited to conventional applications and use on HGVs. With a front-end length of just 558 mm, the Jungheinrich EMD 115i is the shortest universal stacker of its class in the world.

A second truck model with shorter mast (ergonomic lift) also provides the ideal conditions for comfortable order picking up to a height of 690 mm (with support arm lift: 812 mm) and goods transport with low intensity. If noise is a problem, the EMD offers a silentDRIVE option to allow use to continue in noise-sensitive areas or at times when noise needs to be kept to a minimum.

Jungheinrich EMD pedestrian controlled trucks are flexible universal trucks for load transport over short distances and light-duty stacking tasks. In addition to short front-end lengths and a compact design, the truck is characterised by ease of handling and a wide range of ergonomic benefits.



ModelLoad CapacityMaximum Lift (h3)Travel SpeedOverall Length Battery Voltage
EMD 115i 1.50 ton 1520 mm 6 km/h 1748 mm 24 V
EMD 118 1.80 ton 1520 mm 6 km/h 1818 mm 24 V
EMD 115i/118 electric pedestrian controlled trucks
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Lithium-ion technology from Jungheinrich

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