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Jungheinrich EZS C40 tow tractor

The Jungheinrich EZS C40 is a versatile, economic tow tractor for pulling trailers weighing up to 4000 kg. Attaching several trailers allows the load surfaces to be infinitely variable. This contributes to flexible material turnover. With its superelastic drive wheel (SE) the EZS C40 offers optimum traction on smooth floors as well as slightly uneven ground, such as when operating outdoors. At the same time the solid tyre absorbs minor impacts, e.g. from bumpy ground and dock levellers.

With its increased ground clearance, the truck is ideally suited for travelling on uneven surfaces, even outdoors. The coupling is clearly visible from any position and is also easily accessible. This saves both time and costs.

The tow tractor can be equipped with a wide range of couplings, making it adaptable to practically any type of trailer.

The 24-V drive motor with its 3-phase AC technology ensures high performance. The advantages are powerful acceleration and high top speed, with significant energy savings, extended operating times and low maintenance. This is due to the improved efficiency, the optimised co-ordination between the drive motor and controller as well as regenerative braking.

High productivity features include the low stand-on platform and the short distance from the operator position to the load. The EZS works well in tight areas. Its turning radius is so small that the operator will feel that they are turning on the spot. The jetPILOT steering wheel, supportive backrest and curveCONTROL automatic speed reduction, all provide comfortable operation when cornering.


Jungheinrich EZS C40 tow tractor


ModelLoad Capacity
EZS C404.00 ton

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