Very Narrow Aisle Forklift Trucks / TURRET TRUCKs

Efficient space utilisation with high rack VNA trucks / TURRET TRUCKs

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Premium very narrow aisle trucks.

When your reach truck reaches its limits and you need to maximise use of space in your warehouse, VNA trucks are the answer.
With narrow aisle operation and the ability to stack and pick at extreme heights, your business can now operate at ever higher levels of efficiency.

Reach trucks vs VNA trucks.

How the VNA advantages stack up.

To fully realise how VNA’s advantages stack up against a reach truck, take a look at our comparison guide. With man-up and man-down, manual, semi automatic and fully automated options Jungheinrich can get your business operating on the next level.

vnz truck vs reach truck racking configurations

Compared to reach trucks, VNA have many advantages:

While reach trucks can achieve a huge amount with regards stacking and picking in restricted spaces, they cannot compete with VNA trucks which are designed and optimised to operate in a specific warehouse setup.

VNA can be designed for manual operation but often are semi-automatic and increasingly ‘fully-automated’ as technology moves towards less human intervention. A ‘man-down’ VNA truck has a rotating mast, making pallet retrieval easy and can operate in a wide variety of situations, including warehouses, loading bays and open areas. ‘A man-up’ VNA places the operator in a telescoping platform, enabling them to get close to the stacking and picking activity. These ‘man-up’ VNA are perfect for high density warehouse storage situations and often work with guidance systems built into the warehouse floor, making navigation simple and controllable.