Optimise Your Warehouse

Optimise Your Warehouse


Times are changing. The Covid-19 pandemic brings uncertainty, boosting demand for groceries and household goods, also, taking pressure on e-commerce fulfilments and delivery, leaving some companies struggling to keep up with demand. These fluctuations as well as the unstable relationship between supply and demand are severely testing warehouse operations and affecting distribution centres. Some companies are facing fleet shortages while others have the opposite problem of forklift trucks sitting idle.

So, these days it’s worth considering not only seasonal operations and your usual spike on demand, but be prepared and adapt to rapid changes and warehouse optimisation based on alert levels and pandemic regulations.

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Casual Rental forklifts

We adapt to your needs and help you be prepared for all eventualities and be as flexible as possible. With an optimised core fleet, we ensure that you are well equipped for your everyday work. Peaks in demand are planned for in advance and covered with additional trucks promptly. If your requirements should increase unexpectedly, we can quickly supply additional forklift trucks. When trucks are no longer required, we take them back. In this way, you can avoid excess capacities. Despite the reduced core fleet, we can provide you with high levels of machine availability.

Exactly what you need

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We devise individual solutions for your fleet management – including optimisation, service and replacement of a forklift truck.

Based on our deployment analysis, the ITS Sales Team can help you to select the ideal forklift truck for your requirements. Which loads have to be transported along which routes? Which types of racking do you use and how suitable are they? Are your charging stations correctly equipped? In what areas does optimisation potential exist? To answer these questions take a look at 7 things to consider when you buy a forklift. We record all results for each site in a clear and comprehensible manner. During the contract term, we will ensure continuous fleet optimisation. We can regularly check the utilisation and specification of your fleet on-site. Unsuitable trucks can be replaced or their number adapted to the turnover volume.

Maximize technology in optimizing fleet management

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Fleet management systems are playing an increasingly vital role in optimising materials handling operations and increasing bottom line profits for companies worldwide. At ITS Forklifts we retrofit RCT Smartrack® fleet management systems. The innovative solution provides relevant, customised information in real-time to employees at every level of the supply chain. The system can be installed on a diverse range of industrial equipment, regardless of make or model.

SmarTrack® delivers machine data from multiple sites; all under one platform, any time, anywhere. It empowers management with information about machine and operator activity, resulting in smarter, profit-boosting decisions.

SmarTrack® also provides a great way of achieving Health and Safety compliance with your forklift operations. An example of this being, notification of driver licence expiry. It also helps reduce unnecessary costs associated with damage and unplanned breakdown repairs by way of Supervisor notification of impacts.

Pay extra attention to Maintenance

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Whether your business has experienced a spike in volume or a downturn in demand, it is vital to pay attention to maintenance. Naturally, customer’s need to keep their trucks running optimally for as many hours as they can. Therefore it is important to not defer fixed maintenance schedules which can lead to further expensive repair bills and downtime due to a lack of preventative maintenance.

For fleets that are currently idle, conducting a comprehensive review to check which maintenance and repair procedures are necessary is advisable so that once the business recovers, the equipment will be in good working condition and ready to use again.

How can I improve performance at my warehouse?

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