Jungheinrich EFG MB Electric Forklift

EFG MB 216k/218k/220

Jungheinrich EFG M series Three-wheel electric forklift

Jungheinrich EFG MB electric forklift trucks with the capacity of up to 2000 kg offer maximum manoeuvrability and allow fast operation in the most confined spaces for example lorries and containers.

Agile and versatile series 2 electric three-wheels are the ideal helpers for rapid goods turnover in confined spaces, especially when loading and unloading HGV. Thanks to the dual wheel at the rear and the turntable steering for 180 degree turns on the spot, this high-performance truck glows with maximum manoeuvrability. Advanced 3-phase AC technology and Jungheinrich progressive PureEnergy technology concept ensure optimal efficiency due to the perfect synchronisation of all vehicle components – for maximum throughput with minimum consumption. Sophisticated ergonomics with individual adjustment options, intuitive operability and the compact lift mast with best all-round visibility also allow you to make full use of the performance of your truck. And that is not all: With lithium-ion batteries you benefit from the full power of your truck and permanently high performance thanks to fast interim charging and zero maintenance.

Jungheinrich EFG M series Three-wheel electric forklift


ModelLoad CapacityMaximum Lift (h3)Travel Speed Battery Voltage
EFG MB 216k1.60 ton 6500 mm 16 km/h48 V
EFG MB 218k1.80 ton 6500 mm 16 km/h48 V
EFG MB 2202.00 ton 6500 mm 16 km/h48 V
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Lithium-ion technology from Jungheinrich

Li-ion batteries are revolutionising the market for electric industrial trucks. And with good reason. High-performance energy cells score over traditional lead-acid batteries with world-leading performance, fast charging times and zero maintenance. Our li-ion batteries ensure continuous operation and thanks to their long service life, you get plenty of use out of them. On top, we offer you a 5-year guarantee on li-ion batteries. Switch now and easily outrun your competition.

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