Jungheinrich Electric stand-on/sideways seated Pallet Trucks

ESE 120/220/320

ESE 320_Jungheinrich pallet truck

The Jungheinrich ESE 120/220/320 pallet trucks are ideal for horizontal transport over medium to long distances. With their sideways operator position, they offer excellent visibility and relaxed working conditions. This is a great advantage, especially where frequent changes of direction are required.

The width of the ESE 120 stand-on truck is only 760 mm, which is narrower than a Euro pallet. This allows for easy pallet positioning inside an HGV as well as rapid loading and unloading. The fold-up seat offers additional comfort when travelling over longer distances. The low entry height assists frequent entry and exit.

The ESE 220 with 820 mm truck width and the ESE 320 with 930 mm width are side-seat trucks which offer your operators a high degree of comfort and are therefore ideal for long distance transport. The adjustable footwell height ensures a relaxed working position for all operators.

Jungheinrich ESE pallet trucks are fitted with powerful 24 V drive motors for rapid acceleration and top speeds. In addition they offer the advantages of a sturdy design: The frame and load sections can handle capacities of up to 2000 kg.


  • Optimum energy supply with battery power from 375 AH to 500 Ah in the ESE 120 and 465 Ah in the ESE 220 and 320.
  • Quick and easy lateral battery exchange.
  • High degree of availability thanks to extremely short charging times.
  • No battery exchange required.
  • Saving costs due to longer service life and zero maintenance as compared to lead-acid batteries.
  • No charging rooms and ventilation required as there is no build up of gas.
  • Optimum protection of the operator in every driving position due to central driver position and enclosed truck contours, particularly important in hectic situations at the loading ramps.
  • Optimum all-round visibility thanks to sideways travel.
  • The easy-to-operate electric steering and the easily accessible controls provide additional comfort.
  • The arrangement of the operator workstation, sideways to the direction of travel, ensures optimum visibility and reduces potential neck complaints due to frequent changes in direction.
  • A safety switch in the footwell ensures maximum safety.

All the advantages at a glance


ModelLoad CapacityTravel speedMaximum Lift (h3)
ESE 1202.00 ton12.5 km/h0.05 m/s
ESE 2202.00 ton12.5 km/h0.07 m/s
ESE 3202.00 ton12.5 km/h0.07 m/s
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