Jungheinrich Stainless electric pedestrian pallet truck

EJE i20

EJE i20 Jungheinrich Electric pallet truck

The Jungheinrich EJE i20 stainless steel pallet truck combines the advantages of a stainless steel frame with proven Jungheinrich drive and control technology. The truck is designed for demanding transport operations up to 2000 kg.

The EJE i20 is best suited for operation in corrosive and damp environments and satisfies the most stringent hygienic regulations. With these specifications, the truck is ideal for use in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. High-quality V2A stainless steel also offers an abrasion-resistant and smooth surface, even with intensive use: This prevents dirt deposits, thus preventing the spread of germs and bacteria. The rugged vehicle design is designed to withstand regular high-pressure cleaning and disinfection. Water can flow freely over the continuous bevelled surfaces; special seals inhibit the ingress of fluids into the drive compartment. The design of the multifunctional tiller arm uses encapsulated sensor technology (IP 65) that guarantees maximum protection against breakdown. Contactfree electronic rocker switches as well as an easily accessed crawl speed button allow for ergonomically perfect operation with every tiller position. High acceleration, speed and efficient braking are the strengths of the powerful drive motor, achievable by the application of innovative 3-phase AC technology. The centrally driven EJE i20 achieves the necessary cornering stability via the Jungheinrich ProTracLink torsion bar made from high-grade stainless steel. Lateral exchange of the battery further ensures the efficient application of the truck in shift operations. All of the above points add to the efficient, safe and fast handling of goods.


EJE i20 Jungheinrich Electric pallet truck


ModelLoad CapacityTravel speedMaximum Lift (h3)
ESE 1202.00 ton12.5 km/h0.05 m/s
ESE 2202.00 ton12.5 km/h0.07 m/s
ESE 3202.00 ton12.5 km/h0.07 m/s
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