Jungheinrich Electric Reach Trucks

ETV C16/C20

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor operation.

ETV C16_Jungheinrich Reach truck

Super-elastic tyres, high ground clearance, space-saving design, high performance figures and optimum ergonomic working conditions – these are the outstanding strengths of our Jungheinrich ETV C16/C20 reach trucks.

The Jungheinrich ETV C16 and ETV C20 offer the following advantages:

  • Jungheinrich electric reach trucks with superelastic tyres are the ideal transport trucks for combined indoor/outdoor use with different floor types. They will reliably transport your goods, whether on a smooth concrete floor in the warehouse or on a bumpy asphalt surface around the HGV loading dock.
  • Space-saving design with narrow working aisle widths from 2829 mm (according to VDI when picking up Euro pallets lengthways).
  • High throughput with low energy consumption: Optimum energy efficiency due to perfectly matched motors, controllers and software systems.
  • Simple, intuitive handling due to ergonomically configured displays and controls: Not only do the configuration and design of the instrument panel contribute to safety but they also provide excellent visibility.

Jungheinrich ETV C16 and ETV C20 reach trucks therefore create the best design for cost-effective stacking and retrieval at high lift heights and in confined spaces. Whether working in pallet or drive-through racking systems, in single shift or multi-shift applications, or for frequent outdoor use with the comfortable weatherproof cab (optional) – the Jungheinrich ETV C16/C20 reach trucks offer the ideal solution for many special applications.


ETV C16_Jungheinrich Reach truck


ModelLoad CapacityMaximum Lift (h3)Travel Speed Overall Length Battery Voltage
ETV C16 1.60 ton 7400 mm 12.2 km/h 2484 mm 48 V
ETV C20 2.00 ton 7400 mm 12.2 km/h 2484 mm 48 V