Jungheinrich Electric pedestrian Stacker

ERD 120/220

Jungheinrich Pedestrian stacker 2.0t

The Jungheinrich ERD electric pedestrian controlled truck is especially for HGV double-deck loading and unloading. As a very versatile and powerful truck, it is also suitable for order picking, cost-effective transport of loads over longer distances or for storage/retrieval up to a lifting height of 2900 mm.

A modular system consisting of stand-on platforms, battery compartments, drives and different masts is adaptable to a customer-specific application. This allows the ERD to be individually adapted and optimised to meet your requirements.

Numerous additional options and the robust design of the trucks make work easier, increase the safety of the operator and truck and reduce vibrations experienced by the operator.

In addition to the innovative platform suspension, the complete drive unit is spring loaded with shockPROTECT as standard. Particularly when driving on a ramp, this reduces the shock and impact acting on the truck, the load and especially on the operator.

The standard electric steering ensures fatigue-free driving, even with heavy loads. The curveCONTROL assistance system ensures automatic speed reduction for safety when cornering. The drivePLUS option with a travel speed of up to 14 km/h also enables fast and energy-efficient goods throughput.

High-performance Li-ion batteries with fast and boost charging capability or standard batteries with up to 465 Ah are available for particularly demanding applications. Combined with modern 3-phase AC technology, this means longer operating times with simultaneously low power consumption, especially for use in multi-shift operation.



Model Load CapacityLift height (max.)
Travel speedLift speed unladen
ERD 1202.00 ton 2.905 mm9 km/h0.32 m/s
ERD 2202.00 ton 2.905 mm12.5 km/h0.32 m/s

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