Jungheinrich Electric pedestrian Stacker

ERC 212/214/216/220

ERC 216 Jungheinrich electric pedestrian-controlled truck

The Jungheinrich ERC 212/214/216/220 electric pedestrian-controlled trucks combine the manoeuvrability of a pedestrian stacker with the comfort and speed of a ride-on truck.

The electronically controlled, powerful lift motor ensures smooth and quiet lifting or lowering of the load at the touch of a button: From smooth depositing, rapid lifting and lowering or precisely approaching the racking – the operator has everything under control at all times.

The powerful 24-V 3-phase AC drive motor with its optimised efficiency achieves high speeds and excellent acceleration combined with low consumption levels.

With the ride-on option, the ERC offers very cost-effective throughput/transport of goods over longer distances. The sprung stand-on platform relieves the strain on the operator. liftPLUS (optional) enables the Jungheinrich ERC 214/216 to achieve a significantly higher lift speed when lifting the forks with a light load (up to 400 kg) in comparison with the production version.

The ERC can be optionally equipped with drivePLUS if there are requirements for increased performance. Travel speeds up to 9 km/h (8 km/h for ERC 220) provide a greater throughput in the warehouse.

Batteries with capacities of up to 375 Ah plus the option of lateral battery exchange for multishift operation (optional) ensure that the ERC can overcome even the most challenging conditions. A built-in charger (optional) allows the integrated battery to be easily and reliably charged at any mains socket.



ModelLoad CapacityMaximum Lift (h3)Travel SpeedOverall Length Battery Voltage
ERC 2121.20 ton4700 mm 11 km/h2220 mm24 V
ERC 214 1.40 ton 6000 mm 11 km/h 2241 mm 24 V
ERC 216 1.60 ton 6000 mm 11 km/h 2241 mm 24 V
ERC 220 2.00 ton 4800 mm 10 km/h 2313 mm 24 V

ERC 216 Jungheinrich electric pedestrian-controlled truck
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