7 things to consider when you buy a forklift

7 things to consider when you buy a forklift



New vs. Used

When it comes time to expand your business’s fleet, buying used or new forklifts can both offer unique benefits for your business. There is no doubt, a brand new customised forklift will benefit your business more than a used machine. However, if a new forklift is an unplanned expense, or you need equipment fast, used forklifts are a great option. Buying from a reliable dealer like ITS Forklifts, who stands behind their used equipment will give you peace of mind.



How much capacity is one of the first question’s you need to answer. Consider your average load weight, lifting height and attachments you might need to use. Also, you must take into account, customer trends or changes you might experience in the future. In general, buying equipment with slightly higher capacities that what you may need can help to future-proof your fleet.


Forklift attachments, such as a Single-double Twin Pallet Handler, Sideshifter, Bale Clamp or Rotating Clamps can greatly enhance productivity. We supply a full range of forklift attachments and can provide with the best possible solution for your goods. Please note the attachments will reduce your forklift’s lifting capacity*. The reason behind is not only because of the weight of the attachment itself, this occurs mainly because of how it shifts the forklift’s centre of gravity. As the front of the forklift also becomes heavier, maximum lifting weight must be reduced to prevent tip over incidents.

Lost load is also a factor and comes from forks protruding further forward from the attachment causing less residual capacity.

* Attachments, load types and other factors may limit capacity.


Mast Height

Your loads can be heavier, but your ceiling or top rack is less likely to get higher unless you move to a new site. So, before you buy a new or used forklift, there are a few important factors in regards to mast heights to consider:

  • The mast’s lift height (how high can it lift the forks)
  • The height of the mast when lowered – low roller doorways or racking tunnels are an important part of specking the right forklift
  • The height of the mast when fully extended – so we don’t put the mast through the roof or damage any lighting / sprinkler system etc.
  • The mast’s free lift range – relative to 3 stage container mast’s, so the staging does not hit the container roof when inside or 2 stage forklifts used a lot in timber yards, where they have a lot of open space and height is not as important.

Working Hours

It is highly important to calculate how many hours your forklifts get used each day. Operating hours become the key to determining the optimal number of forklifts for your operation and type of machines you need.


Engine Type

For some buyers, the choice is easy. If your application involves food, pharmaceuticals, or working underground – you’re going electric. Heavy-duty or outdoor rural applications will likely choose diesel, and applications where the forklift works around the metro areas, will appreciate the convenience of an LPG forklift. For everyone else, it really depends on whether you want to pay more now (electric, BE) or later (internal combustion, IC).
Electric forklifts, especially lithium-ion, cost more in the beginning but pay for themselves within a few year or even less. They have an enticingly low cost of ownership and most of the models are built to work outdoors.



Using equipment from the same manufacturer across your fleet can help maintain efficiency – operators don’t have to learn a new machine. Depending on your fleet size, this might be a low priority.

ITS Forklifts sells TCM, UniCarriers, Flexi and Jungheinrich forklifts, and we service all forklift brands. Our forklift service contracts help you save time and money, our team of expert technicians will provide you with exceptional service and take care of the entire process, ensuring our customers can remain focused on their core business. ITS Forklifts offer a 24/7 call out service to support you around the clock on emergency breakdowns.

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